Identity Theft and Fraud Defense Attorney Cobb County

Cobb County Identity Theft Defense Attorney

Many times alleged victims have an existing relationship with the individual being accused of identity theft or fraud. Because of this, the matter is complicated by mistaken identity or miscommunication between the two parties. For instance, he or she may have mistakenly consented to allowing the accused individual to use personal identification, such as signing for a credit card or using information to make a purchase.

Identity Theft Attorney Georgia

Without skilled representation, you risk the prosecution leveling the full brunt of sentencing against you, construing an event as identity fraud when it may be something completely different. Attorney Andrew Schwartz is equipped to handle Identity theft and fraud and will represent your account of the matter, fighting to protect your rights. Mr. Schwartz will advise in any deals that become available. Should the matter go to court, you can trust Mr. Schwartz’ experience and reputation for success. Georgia fraud penalties are stiff. You cannot risk going into the case with less than a veteran, skilled team on your side. A charge of identity theft, fraud, or using a false Identity does not always lead to a guilty verdict or sentencing. You can rely on Andrew L Schwartz, P.C. to explore the best possible avenues for having your charges thrown out or reduced. It is important that you contact a skilled criminal and fraud defense attorney as soon as possible to begin building a defense against the charges you face or anticipate facing. For a free initial consultation with a skilled Georgia identification theft and fraud attorney, call us at (678) 853-2500 for a free, no-obligation consultation or contact us online now.